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Jewelry and Craft Shows in Your Hometown

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

After my last blog post, a friend of mine reminded me none-too-gently about the great arts and crafts shows that appear all over the country every spring, summer and fall. Thanks Jerome, my jewelry making friend. This is an important point. For many craftspeople and artists, the venue for selling their work centers on crafts shows.

Attend these fascinating events and pick up some wonderful gifts for birthdays and the holiday season. If ever there was an easy way to support your country’s artists, going to crafts shows and purchasing from the artists themselves is it. Keep in mind some of these folks travel all the way across the country to attend these events. Make them happy they came!

After all, if we want artists and their work to remain a part of our lives, we have to help create the environment to allow them to survive as artists.