Are Key Chains or Key Rings Jewelry?

Well, that could be debated. Creative key rings? I suppose it depends on what you consider jewelry. If you are discussing an accessory that can complement an outfit, I suppose not. But if you are more concerned with a sort of artifact that has a use and is beautiful as well, I believe you could make a case for it. Think about it; a tie tack (who wears ties anymore?) a pair of cufflinks (not for everyday wear, that’s for sure) a belt buckle (does that count?) and maybe a gold chain (too 80s for me). What does that leave? The one earring pirate look isn’t for everyone, and a watch hardly counts in my book. Others may disagree. But there are no rules about key chains. In theory, you could have one to match every outfit you own. I’m not sure that even I would go that far.

I prefer fine pewter as a material for my key chains. My pewter paw print key ring , which I admit to owning, is not only attractive but it feels good in my pocket, like a worry stone. Remember those? Polished rocks you can rub when you get nervous. I’ve owned mine now for quite a while and it doesn’t seem to wear down a bit.

Long ago I owned a beautiful silver key chain made on one of the reservations in Arizona. It was a Hopi design, beautiful. I lost it somewhere between 1972 and today, but that was the point where my love affair with the key chain began. I adore Hopi jewelry and that was the only piece of decorative wear I could find for men. (Thank you, Flagstaff Arizona.)

I admit to being a bit of a freak, but I have 6 completely different key chains. And I do use them all. I own a sterling silver key ring that I reserve for my van car keys. I don’t drive the van so much these days; the gas prices killed me a few months back and I lost my desire for those long, luxurious rides in the country. But that lovely key chain still hangs on a special hook in my bedroom.
I have my other car’s keys on a key ring of a humorously dinky dollar bill. Not so funny anymore. And as I revise this several months later, it gets even fewer laughs!
Then there’s the pewter key chain that keeps safe the all important key for getting into the storage shed on the back of my property. (I happen to be an avid gardener with even more gardening tools than key chains.) Sure there’s only one key on that one, but it stays hooked on a nail where I’ll never lose it. That one I concocted myself from a child’s garden toy. It makes me laugh, and since no one else ever sees it, I think I’m safe.

Then of course I have to have a separate one for my house and my condo. And my favorite, my latest one with the paw print design I reserve for the office. Do I ever lose them? Nah, I’m so organized that they all have a place to “live” when I’m not using them. Besides, I choose them so carefully I couldn’t bear to misplace a single one.

You can keep your whiskey, drugs and wild women. I’ll stick to collecting unusual key rings.

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