Artistic Name Badges – Practical Beauty

Name tags are akin to jewelry – brooches or pins-so why should they be boring?

Many people look for unusual sterling silver jewelry gifts to give their loved ones; an unusual name tag could be a whole new avenue of gifting!

Veterinary medicine is one profession that could benefit from beautiful name badges. Vets have jewelry applicable to their profession already- why not add name badges as something to set themselves apart with?

I’ve never thought much about name badges before; those things people in various professions wear so you can call them something other than “hey you.” Mostly they’re dull affairs, black or gold rectangles with the person’s name spelled out in very readable type.

And this is the way most of them should look, I suppose- especially for hotel workers and people in most service industries.

But for other professions, name badges can be a jewelry item, worn with a flourish to say something about the wearer’s individual taste. After all, who decided name badges have to be boring? Maybe that came about because of their association with work. But they aren’t clothing, are they? Name tags are accessories, and it’s high time they were treated like accessories!

Besides, who says you can’t express yourself on the job? Or that a person can’t wear a nice pair of earrings, a beautiful brooch, or a bracelet while working? I think there are people who think of their name badges as more than something to begrudgingly wear day after day, an annoyance you have to remember to remove before dumping a shirt in the washing machine after work.

Probably if more people wore name tags that were jewelry-like, there would be fewer “lost” in the wash. My veterinarian told me she used to have to replace her vet tech’s name badges at least twice a year, but since her employees starting wearing badges that had their own darling pet’s images on them, they losses have become minimal.

Most women love jewelry, so why not turn something required into something desired? After all, you wouldn’t expect anyone to put on a name tag that was actually ugly. Why not find a source of name badges that are actually beautiful?

I’ve always loved jewelry, and it’s interesting to realize that this one possible source of beautiful jewelry has become nothing more than a way to identify someone. And another thing, I do believe names would be more likely retained if the person looking at the badge had a reason to remember it.

If I were dealing with a veterinarian, I’m quite sure I’d recall her name if I spent more than a fleeting second noticing her name badge. Now if she had a cute little puppy or kitten on her badge, I’m sure my eyes would rest on her badge for a few extra crucial seconds, long enough to sink her name into my memory.

So that could be an extra advantage.

Overall, I think it’s time for a revolution in name tags!

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