The Meaning Of Giving Jewelry

Giving the gift of jewelry has never been so easy as it is today. With the options available online and the ease with which you can purchase, you can give jewelry for any occasion. But what message does it send? Is it always romantic in intent?

Sometimes, the meaning of giving jewelry has romantic significance. But just as often many people give jewelry as thank you gifts, bridesmaid gifts or even new baby gifts.

There are just as many styles as there are personalities to wear them. Pearls are sophisticated and classy, sterling silver is wonderful on so many levels and diamonds are still a girl’s best friend!

Let’s go over a few of the occasions that would call for jewelry as a gift and talk about what would be appropriate for the message you are trying to send.

Jewelry – The Height of Romance?

The most obvious occasion that calls for jewelry as a gift is a romantic occasion. The act of proposing marriage probably tops this category as well. What proposal would be complete (in a traditional sense of course) without a diamond engagement ring? Now, you don’t have to give a diamond ring for an engagement, but it is highly recommended by most women if you want the answer to be yes.

Know Your Audience

The act of engagement in marriage is probably the best scenario to talk about “knowing your audience”. Or in other words, knowing what your intended recipient expects. While most women expect a diamond engagement ring, some women are perfectly fine with something else. But there are many other gemstones besides diamonds to love. I’m especially fond of rubies and emeralds- their clear fine brilliance draws me in. I don’t know that I would wear a pair of ruby cuff-links myself, but I certainly admire them! Perhaps a different gemstone like a sapphire or ruby ring? Maybe a synthetic diamond like a cubic zirconia? These are options that would be delightful for certain women and horrible for others.

Not Just For Engagements

The concept of knowing your intended recipient’s expectations doesn’t just apply to engagement. For other romantic occasions that call for jewelry, you need to be aware of what your significant other expects and the message you are giving along with the jewelry.

For example, a less serious relationship might call for a pair of earrings or a necklace. Sometimes, giving a ring, even if it is not followed up by the ultimate question, can imply a level of seriousness to the relationship that either you or your recipient is just not ready for. Don’t make that mistake and make sure that is what you a re looking for if you give a ring as your jewelry gift.

Jewelry for Non Romantic Occasions

There are also perfect opportunities to give jewelry as a gift that do not have to be romantic in nature. However, jewelry is usually reserved for big occasions like achieving a milestone in life. The first one that is usually synonymous with jewelry is graduation. Either High School or College graduation is the perfect time to give the gift of jewelry.

What Are You Trying To Say

While giving jewelry for graduation is not unique, you can make it extra special by putting in a little extra thought into the gift. Something that signifies the moment like a watch (to commemorate the time involved in getting the degree or diploma) can be very thoughtful and show an extra level of caring in your gift.

Engraving can also be added to jewelry gifts to make an item unique and give you a way to set the tone of your gift with extra precision.

Other Occasions For That Call For Giving Jewelry

In addition to graduations, there are an infinite number of occasions where jewelry would go a long way in making your gift recipient happy.

  • Birth of a Baby
  • New Job
  • Promotion
  • Christening
  • Retirement
  • Christmas
  • Birthday
  • Mother’s Day and other Holidays
  • SURPRISE! (Probably the best one)

Don’t forget that you can surprise your significant other or loved one (or maybe just your friend) with a piece of jewelry! I know from experience that I have gotten the best reactions to this act alone. Everyone expects jewelry at certain times (ie engagement) so a surprise gift of jewelry can go a really long way.

There are practically infinity of styles and types of jewelry. All of them have a place, from the most primitive uncut stone to a highly polished emerald or diamond. And to me, every one of them has beauty and grace.

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