Unusual Sterling Silver Earrings

I’m always on the lookout for unique sterling silver earrings , and I especially like the animal themed ones. Let’s face it, there are thousands upon thousands of sterling earrings advertised and sold on the internet, as well as in mall kiosks and stores. It’s refreshing to locate jewelry that’s surprising and fun among all the riff-raff. it’s one of my favorite things to do in fact!

For instance, dolphin earrings in silver have got to be one of the most common jewelry designs ever created. I thought it was just a passing fad back in the 1980s, but here we are over 20 years later and they haven’t yet lost their appeal. Almost everywhere I turn I see dolphin earrings in sterling silver with or without diamond eyes, .925 dolphin earrings with different finishes, and of course in a myriad of poses. Most, of course, are busy leaping from the “water,” the way most people tend to envision this animal. But please, artists make your animal jewelry at least marginally anatomically correct. You do know what I’m talking about, right? You’ve seen the crazy ones too right? I mean when I look for unique jewelry pieces I don’t mean I’m looking for odd shaped things.

When examining earrings of a particular type, something unusual tends to pop out at you. Cat earrings are like that too. Most of them are too cutesy for my taste, but since all artists have their own vision, there’s not a lot I can do about it. I like earrings that have a nice feeling, something artistic and if possible, hand made. They don’t have to be “edgy” and in fact I’m sometimes bored and often confused with what passes for artistic wearable art. Especially if it’s animal jewelry you’re talking about. I like animals to basically look like animals. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

But having said that, I must admit I enjoy stylized animal jewelry as well. Maybe that’s what attracts me to primitive art. Some of the jewelry and religious charms originated in societies that really saw the essence of the design and created work that communicates on a very basic level. Have you ever seen the beautiful art in those famous caves in France? Yes, now that is art at a very basic level indeed.

One of the best metals for making this type of jewelry is sterling silver. I love sterling silver earings. I think they go well with almost anything and seem to be timeless in fashion. I know sometimes it seems like white gold or titanium is in fashion but sterling silver is always there when you need it. and silver is usually one of the first metals we get jewelry in when we are starting on our collecting journey. It’s not because it’s cheaper, because some pieces can be quite expensive, but I believe it’s because it is easier to mix and match in our wardrobe. It doesn’t require much sophistication since it goes with almost anything.

I guess that’s one of the appealing things about sterling silver jewelry. It’s instantly interesting (how many people are there who actually don’t like it) so from that point it’s just up to the artist to do something creative and inspirational, like sterling silver earrings that knock your socks off!

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