More on Animal Themed Sterling Silver Jewelry

I have a lot to say about this topic. If I didn’t love animals, I doubt I’d have this as my personal “hobby horse,” but as I do love them, (practically all of them), you’ll have to indulge me. Or skip this page- it’s up to you!

One of my favorite sites has some of my favorite animal jewelry. I’m not talking about cutesy generic dogs (even their unique dog charms have mountainous amounts of character) but animals that frequent zoos and exotic locales. Yes, sterling silver pendants , earrings and charms that include some of the least seen items in the entire jewelry world.

I am a sucker for jewelry that is well made and has an artistic touch. Take this cunning little monkey charm – can’t you imagine him in motion? To me the charm is like an instant of simian life frozen in time. If I wore charm bracelets (that is, if I were female) I’d start a dozen of them, both silver and gold. I’d load them up with unique little gems like this one.

And of course I’d match them up with silver earrings, pins, pendants and so forth. Why stop with just the charm? For women who don’t care to have their ears pierced a charm bracelet is the perfect alternate way to collect dozens of wonderful wearable art pieces. The only problem is that with so many of them the individual charms might go unnoticed. Another good reason to have several bracelets with fewer charms on each. Have you considered starting different charm bracelets for different topics (or animals?) This could be a great way to handle the over-crowding issue. My grandma had a gold charm bracelet that was so heavy she reserved wearing it for extra special occasions. I doubt if the idea of thinning the charms into separate bracelets ever occurred to her.

Christmas is over, but Valentines Day is just around the corner. This is a good time to start thinking about a perfect piece for your love. No need to panic if you give it a little thought a few weeks in advance. I hate to say it, but it’s only about 5 weeks in the future! Online jewelry stores are the perfect solution, since hundreds of choices are just a mouse click away. How in the world did we survive before the internet?

I still favor the traditional red heart for Valentines Day; however, if your special someone is an animal lover, you know which direction I’d point you.

But a red ruby or a sparkling diamond in a beautiful setting is always a tasteful choice. As far as I know this animal jewelry site doesn’t carry gemstones. However there are surely a lot of them available, and in this economy you might get a wonderful deal.


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