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  • Butterfly Pendants, Pins and More
    What is your favorite insect? I think nine out of ten people would say it was the butterfly. I’d venture to guess that many people don’t even think of this bug as an insect, imagining those creepy crawly nasty things have nothing to do with this magnificent winged creature. Just look at all the colorful … Read more
  • The New Enamel Jewelry
    Lately I’ve noticed a profusion of artists working with what is sometimes called the new enamel jewelry , or cold enameling with epoxy resin. I’ve seen many designs using this technique with bright colors and powerfully fun designs. The new enamels aren’t made with glass, but with epoxy paint applied delicately with needles and brushes, … Read more
  • Ethical Gemstones
    Many end of the line consumers aren’t aware of how gemstones are mined or made into jewelry. Either assumptions are made that the miners and artisans are paid a fair wage or no thought is given to it whatsoever. The truth is there are ethical companies and companies that exploit their workers. If you can … Read more
  • Give the Gift of Animal Themed Jewelry
    I’m a big animal lover, animal fan, animal fanatic- however you want to put it. That’s why I can’t seem to get enough of jewelry depicting the little beasts, I suppose. I don’t think it’s an accident that people are instantly attracted to jewelry with an animal theme, especially when it’s well rendered. We’ve depended … Read more
  • Jewelry for Dentists?
    Sure, why not have custom jewelry created for dentists ? People who work in this profession are sometimes looked at with amused tolerance, if not downright fear and loathing. I think they deserve their own jewelry! Take the tooth fairy pendant for instance. She is a symbol for many people of growing up, losing teeth … Read more
  • More on Animal Themed Sterling Silver Jewelry
    I have a lot to say about this topic. If I didn’t love animals, I doubt I’d have this as my personal “hobby horse,” but as I do love them, (practically all of them), you’ll have to indulge me. Or skip this page- it’s up to you! One of my favorite sites has some of … Read more
  • Purchase Your Silver Jewelry Now!
    Rumors about silver prices skyrocketing abound. Families are purchasing silver eagles and silver rounds as a hedge against what may come. I’ve noticed a little nervousness out there in the marketplace. Some silver coin dealers are having a hard time getting supplies. What does this mean for the future of silver jewelry ? Will we, … Read more
  • The Timelessness of 14K Gold Charms
    Will lovely gold charms ever go out of style? I don’t believe that’s possible. For one, I believe gold charms and talismans have been popular from the beginning of man as an artist. Of course, this would also apply to the wearing of a gold pendant . This, according to some of the latest findings, … Read more
  • Unusual Sterling Silver Earrings
    I’m always on the lookout for unique sterling silver earrings , and I especially like the animal themed ones. Let’s face it, there are thousands upon thousands of sterling earrings advertised and sold on the internet, as well as in mall kiosks and stores. It’s refreshing to locate jewelry that’s surprising and fun among all … Read more
  • Pewter Jewelry Then and Now
    Pewter has some fascinating characteristics that make it rather appealing in the world of jewelry making. If properly finished, it has a luster reminiscent of silver, but without as much possibility of tarnishing when exposed to the air. That is and of itself is a big deal in the world of jewelry. It isn’t an … Read more
  • Beautiful Jewelry That Everyone Can Afford
    Now that we’ve all acknowledged the economy is in for a bumpy ride, many of us are wondering how to keep up our life style of “buy whatever I want whenever I want.” Well, that might be impractical under the circumstances. However, what’s to stop you from finding well made, beautiful jewelry at low prices … Read more
  • Are You a Silver or a Gold Person?
    Back in the early 90s, discovering what “fashion season” you belonged to became all the rage. You were a summer, fall, winter or spring, and all your clothing needed to coordinate depending. I think there is some truth to this. It was decided by my (then) best friend Beth that I was a winter. Thrown … Read more